We are a passionate group of individuals with a wide variety of interests and backgrounds but whom all have an enthusiastic interest in nature.

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We try to keep the website up to date with events and activities as regularly as possible, but please make sure you are on our email list so you receive notices. Sign up for our email list through our Google Form. Contact us: orillianaturalists@gmail.com



  • Recap: Outing to Milford Bay
    On Saturday June 1st, a group of 7 naturalists including our leader Don Currie, met at the Milford Bay Community Center.   Don lead the group along 2 trails nearby through very lush woodlands.   As Don entertained the group with some of the history of the area, we were treated to a choir of …
  • Recap – 2024 Chimney Swift Watch
    11 people showed up during a break in the stormy weather of May 22nd to watch 96 chimney swifts enter the chimneys at Residence on West and the Desjardin Insurance building. That is the highest count in the past three years! It was beautiful to see so many chittering birds circling a sky filled with …
  • A Year of Connection, Nature, and Learning
    A Delicious Start Our recent Orillia Naturalists’ Club gathering kicked off with a delightful potluck supper, setting the tone for an evening of warmth, camaraderie, and shared passion for the natural world. Denis Paccagnella welcomed both in-person attendees at the Orillia Museum of Art & History (OMAH) and those joining via Zoom. He opened the …