Orillia Naturalists’ Club AGM and Pot Luck Supper - May 4, 2016

Minutes of the AGM:

Although specific attendance was not recorded, the meeting was very well attended, with the 2nd floor room being mostly full. After the initial potluck dinner, the business part of the meeting began at 19:05 with a call to order by Denis Paccagnella. Acceptance of the Minutes of the AGM of 2015 was moved by Denis, seconded by Donald MacDonald, and carried. There was a request that minutes be circulated to the membership prior to meetings so that members have the opportunity to review in a timely way. The President admitted that this has been under discussion, but no means has as yet been devised. In the meantime, draft minutes are posted before the beginning of the meetings at the side of the assembly hall for all to peruse.

Sightings – many mentioned, including, orioles, rose breasted grosbeaks, loggerhead shrikes, yellow rail, American Bittern, loons, tree swallows, Canada geese and goslings, spotted sandpipers, wood ducks, pine siskins, brown thrasher, wood thrushes, woodcocks, bear, short tailed weasel. Facebook Page – Arni mentioned his proposal to initiate a Facebook Page for the Club, and asked that a survey he circulated at the meeting be completed and handed in. He will tabulate the results and report back. Nominations for Executive – Barb Ryckman, Past President, relayed to the group that the current executive are all willing to stand again, but she called for any interested nominations from the floor. None being forthcoming, she declared the incumbents acclaimed, and thanked the executive for their continuing service.

Committee Reports:

1. Finance – Donald MacDonald reported briefly to the general membership, stating that we are solvent until membership renewal, and that if we do as well with donations at renewal time as we have, we should again have a good year. See appended Financial Report for Year end Mar. 31, 2016. He commented that memberships are increasing. The club continues to be fortunate to have the services of Hehn Trickey pro-bono for the tax return. When the return is available, he will circulate copy to any interested members and to the executive.

2. Ontario Nature – Sue Deadman presented a thorough report (see appended -not appended ), and she reported that the April 23 Wasaga Beach meeting was very well attended, and the field trip was quite interesting.

3. Program – Arni reported a successful program year with well attended speaker events, as well as many field trips – mostly now or soon. He encouraged members to come forth with any ideas they may have for future program. He mentioned the full list of activities coming up this and next month, and referred members to the website for details. Specifically, watch the website for dates of the Piping Plovers trip coming up, as well as the next Stewardship trip to Carthew Bay and birdwatching within the next 2 weeks.

4. Archives – Kevin Binstead reported that the committee (Muriel Sinclair, Mary Mick and he) had reduced the archives to 3 boxes from 5, organized material in binders, some acetates, and the intention is to transfer these to Couchiching Conservancy when space is available. He thanked Muriel and Mary for their help. Crests of the Orillia Naturalists Club are available for free while they last.

5. There was no report from Membership or Club Correspondence as the two members responsible were not in attendance.

6. Hospitality – Warren reported that the coffers are getting larger somehow, and there are no particular problems.

7. Publicity/Web – Nancy Ironside reported that the find of the month this month was cavorting Merlins.

 Monthly write-ups of speakers continue to be contributed by a few members, and edited by the speakers, and Packet and Times continues to provide coverage.
Members write up walks, with pictures, and these are posted to “Among Ourselves”. Nancy has created archives of Finds of the Month, with table of contents. Nancy mentioned that she has been happy to oversee and produce the website,  but she isn’t sure how long she can continue in that capacity. For now she is continuing.

New Business –

1. Ron Reid mentioned the May 27-28 Carden Challenge, with slots still available on teams. Ruth Ann is to send out a reminder.

2. Couchiching Conservancy – Mark Bisset mentioned that Grants Woods will re-open May 21. The Passport to Nature with 18 events is ready for sign up on the website.

3. There are some books for sale – Peter Mills’ “Metamorphesis of Reptiles”

4. Joint Meeting of the regional nature clubs – Sept. 19 in Midland.

5. Bill Sherwood reminded us that Mercury is transiting the sky for 7 hours on May 9 – do not try to observe with naked eyes.

Denis thanked the executive for their year of service, and thanked the membership for their ongoing support and participation.

The business meeting adjourned at 7:45 pm, followed by slide presentations in 5 minute bites by several members. Submitted, by Carol Strickland.

Barb Ryckman looks after the technology,
and Warren Ryckman looks after the Pot Luck.
The most vital members!

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