Eastern Bluebird Nesting Reports


Leanore Wiancko sends us this report:
This was a warm year for birds so none abandoned the nest due to cold and lack of insects. I had 38 Bluebirds fledge. There were a lot (23) of robins that can make a mess of a box, but have as much right to nest. As well as  that, 16 tree swallows and 30 wrens nested . As usual, I had to wait until mid September for the wrens to fledge.

This year, for the first time, I had one dead fledgling. I can always predict that wrens will have 5 babies always but this one did not make it.

Chula gets a run at Big Cedar and I get some exercise, along with Kay Prince so it is enjoyable.

Ray Kiff reports:

My trail is on the Old Barrie Road (Simcoe County Hwy #11 that passes through Rugby, starting at Concession 14 to Concession #8. 

Total # Nests   Fledged Birds  Dead Birds

14 EABBs       66 EABBs        9 EABB

(2 Tree Swallow eggs were also found broken)

16 TRES        61 TRES          31 TRES

(Black-capped Chickadees)

1 BCCH         3 BCCH           12 BCCH

( there were 8 House Wren (HOWR) Eggs)

3 HOWR       0 HOWR           0 HOWR

On June 12 there was a catastrophic gusting high wind that almost blew a TRES nest out of the box. The force of the wind would have made it impossible for the Swallows to catch insects. It lasted several hours.

Checking these nesting boxes is strenuous but rewarding in documenting the lives of this particular bird. I am ready to retire from this activity that was started 27 years ago. If someone was interested in getting involved with taking it over I would willingly spend the time teaching someone to take over this project.

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