Muriel's 3rd Spring Walk

Muriel’s First  Signs of Spring  –  3rd Evening Walk –  April 18, 2017

As we arrived at the quarry a Turkey Vulture did some fancy maneuvering and nearly met us head-on.  have his mind on something  else, I hope. Probably a frustrated hunter, after a bad day.   

A quarry  may not seem like an interesting  destination….but the trail beside the quarry can produce many interesting  things..
The  garden of plants and  shrubs and flowers that Nancy and Joan Rosebush and her troop of volunteers  planted several years ago
is not yet  displaying its summer growth,  but soon we need to search.

There were some  brief calls  off to the the east that sounded like Sandhill Cranes . Nothing in sight though.
A Canada goose  has taken over a very tiny island on the quarry property  and appears to be settling in.

The  tall pond grass is beautiful  right now  and echoed the Spring Peeper  calls as we returned along the trail.
All evening there was a medley of music from the robins and the Red–winged Blackbirds and the Song Sparrows.
It was one of those evening where the sounds were subtle  and could easily be  missed…. The Hairy Woodpecker,  the Wilson’s Snipe,
the American Woodcock,   a Leopard Frog, Meadow larks  and  and Chorus frogs.

Sharp eyes saw some activity along a ditch  which produced a Kingbird and a Tree sparrow  and   best of all
——– A Palm Warbler  ……….
A first warbler this spring for most of us.

A small hawk ( unidentified)  seemed to be having a late supper out in the field,
and then  two Great Blue Herons flew over , probably  heading  home after a long day fishing.
I’ll bet they are happy to see all that open water.

After spending the winter with us, this American Tree Sparrow
is leaving us for the  Hudson Bay to nest

      This Palm Warbler is passing through, from its wintering grounds in ? Cuba to nest
on the Northern Shield or the Hudson Bay.
                                          Photos by Heather Ewing, Donald Macdonald, and Howard Black


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