May 28 , Sunday 2017 –   a birding hike on  the Uhthoff Trail  led by Arni Stinnissen

8 Members of the Orillia Naturalists’ Club were up bright and early on Sunday .
We were able to navigate the heavy fog to arrive at the Uhthoff trail where it meets Foxmead Road.
The birds were in full chorus and at times it was difficult to pick out the individual songs.
This portion of the rail trail transects a variety of habitats which resulted in a large variety of birds seen and heard.
The tall popular trees provided a perfect perch for the ballad of Rose-breasted Grosbeak and lower in the branches
the Chestnut-sided warbler was in full song.
The grasslands are home to Bobolinks and the Eastern Meadowlarks.
We also had a fleeting glimpse of the Golden-winged warbler.
Perhaps the biggest teaser was the Mourning Warbler which sang so very close to the trail yet still evaded the scrutiny of our binoculars.
A respectable total of 31 species was had by 10:30 am and a good time was had by all.

Bobolink Brown-headed Cowbird Chestnut-sided
Indigo Bunting Rose breasted Grosbeak

Photos by Donald Macdonald

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