Sights and sounds with Muriel Sinclair Field Trips: Trip 1 was April 3/2018

As usual, Muriel chose the stormiest night of the year, and she chose it almost a year ago.

What a brr-rrrrrr evening.
I love Spring because every day holds wonderful, wonderful surprises.
When we arrived at Brough’s Creek on Woodland Drive it was snowing and very cold…but what activity!

Two rather stout Beavers had been chopping down trees and reinforcing their dam at the south bridge. An Otter was checking out the visitors. We understand that a pair are seen reguarly, swimming or running along the bank.

At least 5 Great Blue Herons were flying about, possibly trying to shelter from the wind.
A small flock of Bufflehead ducks flew back and forth in the open water . A pair of Canada Geese stayed west of the bridge and away from the activity.
Any Mallard Ducks we saw were hunkered down in the patches of grass at the edge of the stream. The theme of the evening seemed to be ” Take Cover”.

In the past two days there were some encouraging sights….3 Kestrels north on Burnside Line ( April 1), Our first Osprey at the end of Muley Point ( April 2 ) and Chorus Frogs singing in the same area. Mute Swans seem to be frequent sightings.


Photos by Heather Ewing,

Donald Macdonald

and Bill Sherwood

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