Muriel's Walk: April 16 - Sight and Sounds of Spring

Muriel Reports:

The walk turned into a car cruise under the Osprey nests and beside the flooded fields.
The Ospreys have arrived and taken over nearly all the nests from Last year. If not on a nest we could find them sitting nearby keeping watch.( or perhaps giving us a photo Opp.)

The lakes and the big ponds are still solid with ice. However the frost is leaving the ground and the fields are flooding much to the delight of ducks ; Mallards, (and possibly Black Ducks), wood ducks,
and Canada Geese . There was a faint winnowing of a Snipe and then one was spotted in the wetland; Also a Killdeer wading in the water.

A Northern Harrier was flying over the field , probably watching for moles or mice for a snack.
Sharp ears heard a Meadowlark and a Song Sparrow and lots of Red-winged Blackbirds. Someone had spotted a Belted Kingfisher along a stream. In the drier areas there were Robins and Starlings.
As we drove through the wooded area we saw a Great Blue Heron and one flying off into the sunset. A Red-bellied Woodpecker called into the darkening night.
What a treat to see the Osprey standing on its nest, silhouetted against a scarlet sunset.
To finish the evening we listened to The Chorus frogs , Spring Peepers and some Wood Frogs in the field ponds ( in the dark)

Cathy Bernatavicius and Bill Sherwood sent us the photos
-Thank you Cathy and Bill

Osprey on nest at sunset What does this Osprey have in its talons?
A Killdeer is visible -several were seen Allan Thompson takes photos
Viewing the flooded fields Wood Duck


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