Muriel's Walk, April 23, 2019: Sights and Sounds of Spring

Muriel reports:

We’ve watched the ice on the lakes getting blacker each day. Tonight I expect the ice will be on the move because of the wind and rain. Shorts weather turned to winter clothes over night. This is April after all.
The rain stopped as we headed out.

The lovely pond near the Narrows finally thawed and the Wood Frogs were Quacking away in spite of the cold;Spring Peepers farther along the trail.

Why are snails floating along on the ditch water ???

The Red-winged Blackbirds, Grackles , Brown-headed Cowbirds ,and Robins were very active . There seemed to be a few disputes taking place. Perhaps territories have not been settled yet.
We saw a Cardinal and 4 Osprey and Song Sparrow. The Narrows had Swans and many dark water birds as we lost the light.
We were curious about all the different willows and different colours and smells of cedar trees as we walked along . I think a little research is needed.
Thanks Warren for cleaning up after thoughtless people who litter the trail with paper cups and cans.
Take time every day to enjoy SPRING . There is so much to see!

Thanks Muriel forĀ  encouraging us to get out early every spring for so many years. We have been rewarded, regardless of the weather.

Coltsfoot Raindrops on Pussy willows

Thanks to Cathy Bernatavicius for the photos on this wet night,
people and Coltsfoot, one of the earliest flowers, which is often thought to be a dandelion.

Denis P sent us the pussy willows.

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