Sights and Sounds of Spring with Muriel April 4/19

A cold but lovely evening took us along the historical Ben’s Ditch , north of James St..
The marsh to the east was echoing the songs of Red-wing Blackbirds , Starlings and Grackles. The area was much cleaner than it had been before some eager folk spent many hours cleaning out the debris that had been dumped all along the trail. This is an important wetland area . We need to protect it.
A Cardinal sat high in a tree over our heads , singing a sunset song. Perhaps a love song?
Chick-a-dees and a White -What a wecomethroated Sparrow flitted back and forth across the trail. If you look at your feet all the time, you could miss 6 Great Blue Herons and 2 Sandhill Cranes flying over head. We suspect the Herons were heading for the Narrows.
The Turkey Vultures and Crows are filling the sky these days. This is a rather sheltered area with the ever present Mallard Ducks and Canada Geese in the ditches along the trail. Trees are budding . What a welcome sight!
Spring is really here.
Muriel Sinclair


Cardinal Grackle Great Blue Heron
Trembling aspen Photos by Heather Ewing, Bill Sherwood and Donald Macdonald

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