Wednesday, May 1, 2019 6:00 p.m. CLUB ANNUAL MEETING AND POT LUCK SUPPER

The food was good, and the conversation was good.

At the AGM,the current slate of officers all agreed to stand for another year, and a new chair was added – Communications ,which is being filled by Tanya Clark.
We then enjoyed the slide show, on the new OMAH digital camera, which produced accurately coloured photos on the screen, a treat.
We started with Vicki Sherwood’s Trumpeter Swans in Washago.
Mary Mick showed pictures of a Pileated Woodpecker excavating an apparently healthy tree. When the tree was cut down a week later, the extensive damage to the trunk became evident –the Pileated knew all along.
Fern Splichal showed pictures from her walk along the Cornwall coast –great scenery.
Sue Deadman had photos from her trip to Honduras –wonderful capture of spectacular birds, including a video of a hungry, busy woodpecker – the Chestnut -colored.
Tanya Clark had visited some Land Trust properties in New Brunswick.
Kevin Binsted had photos from Algonquin Park, Point Pelee, Ottawa, and many local sightings.
Rob Henderson had spectacular photos of birds – some from Florida and many local areas,
We realized there was a lot of talent in our club, and our members traveled a lot.

The photo of the Executive shows: Barb Ryckman –Past President, Tanya Clark –Communications, Denis Paccagnella – President, Pat Woodford –Conservation, Donald Macdonald –Treasurer, Sue Deadman –Ontario Nature Representative, Kevin Binsted – Archives, Heather Ewing – Membership, Carol Strickland –Secretary, Marilyn Clark – Vice-President, and Nancy Ironside Web Page and Publicity. Missing is Warren Ryckman –Social Denis showing the slate of officers.
He runs an efficient and imaginative meeting.
Enjoying the dinner Sue showing a Trogon from Honduras.
Photos thanks to Tanya Clark. Text by Nancy Ironside

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