Sunday, September 29, 2019 COPELAND FOREST

It was a beautiful fall day when 6 of us walked about 4 km around a small loop in the Copeland Forest management area. This 4400 acre area is managed by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forest and is a multi-use forest. We saw bike riders, horse riders, mushroom hunters and dog walkers. We spent 3 hours walking and checking out the multitude of mushrooms and plants. We found the trails well-marked, using a map downloaded from the Friends of Copeland’s website.

The photos are thanks to Allan Thompson

A stream at Copeland forest Squirrel corn Monotropa
Ustilago -Dead Man’s fingers Ustilago Climacadon septrionale
Shelving tooth
Turkey tails Lycoperdon -Puff Balls Hericium americanum
Honey mushrooms Honey mushrooms Marasmius rotula
Waxy caps    

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