Outing to Huckleberry Rock Lookout Trail – Sept 23, 2023

Outing to Huckleberry Rock Lookout Trail – Sept 23, 2023
Sept 23, 2023 was a warm, sunny fall day. A small group of club members were warmly welcomed by our leader Don Currie, at the Huckleberry Rock Lookout Trail, in Milford Bay, Muskoka.
At the entrance to the trail, there is an engraved boulder that states these are some of the oldest surface rocks on the planet. Don was able to fill in the story of the land being donated and that many of the rocks are gneiss rock formations. The rocks were pink granite smoothed by glaciers, and rounded over time by weather.
Although experiencing a fire eight years ago, the environment is regenerating. There were black spruce, larch and tamarack trees. Wintergreen, Cottongrass and blueberry plants were found. Heather found honey mushrooms, coral mushrooms and Amanita brunnescens growing in peat bog crevices on the rocks.
Birds noted on the walk included turkey vultures, blue jays, chickadees and many woodpeckers went by in a blur. Crickets were merrily chirping all day. Grass hoppers and a cicada rounded out the insect finds. While exploring the area around the large rock cut (for highway 118) we were joined by an eastern ribbon snake.
The highlight of the trail is a spectacular view of Lake Muskoka, 300 feet above the trailhead (start). This area has been a scenic lookout for over 100 years! A popular trail and rock out crop, it is a favourite for locals and tourists alike. We were lucky enough to enjoy the fall colours around the lake, with views to Port Carling, Beaumaris Island over to Bala from this vantage point.
Many thanks to Don for sharing another one of his favourite spots with our club.

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