Recap: Migration Birding at Point Pelee with Jeremy Bensette

Recap: Migration Birding at Point Pelee with Jeremy Bensette

We had over 50 people attend our virtual meeting with guest speaker Jeremy Bensette.


  • Perfect geography for migration since the landscape reaches into Lake Erie;
  • Many migratory birds prefer to follow coastlines;
  • Great Lakes make a southward “funnel” shape;
  • Southernmost point in mainland Canada;
  • 20 square kilometres of protected naturalist habitat. A mix of marsh, forest, savannah and beach;
  • Within Canada’s rare Carolinian Zone;
  • First Nations have been connected to this land and its natural features for over 6,000 years. Chippewa people of the Caldwell First Nature;
  • Point Pelee National Park was established in 1918;
  • 260+ migrant species visit the area each year (230 are annual regulars);
  • Over 100 breeding bird species in this area;
  • Bird alerts keep birders informed of rarities – there are also lists within the Visitors Center;
  • Waterfowl tend to visit early. Late April through May – peak songbird season;
  • Famous for its migrant warblers such as Ovenbird, Black-throated Blue Warbler and Blackburian Warbler. It is possible to see 30+ warbler species;
  • The most common…Yellow Warbler;
  • Migration happens twice a year – spring and fall. Spring is quite busy with birders, so consider making your travel plans for the fall instead! Fall is a longer season versus spring.

Our thanks to Jeremy for sharing his knowledge!

Map below is from Jeremy’s presentation.

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