Recap: Outing to Milford Bay

Recap: Outing to Milford Bay
On Saturday June 1st, a group of 7 naturalists including our leader Don Currie, met at the Milford Bay Community Center.
Don lead the group along 2 trails nearby through very lush woodlands.
As Don entertained the group with some of the history of the area, we were treated to a choir of bird song while making our way down to the turnaround spot at the bridge over to Tondern Island. At the bridge, we were able to watch some diving ducks working in the distance, a few fish swim by under the bridge and a group of 8 Canada geese adults with a dozen babies in tow.
On our way back through a meadow, the butterflies and dragon flies were active with Monarchs and Azzures flitting about. 
The weather was warm in the sun but very pleasant within the canopy. The recent abundant rainfall had helped the growth of the trees and leaves. The pine tree top leaders were over 12″ easily and the red oak leaves were as  large a dinner plates. Some of the trees on the walk had trunks that 2 people could not ‘hug’ as they were of very large girth.
As the trees were fully leafed out, it was difficult to see the birds that were happily singing, but with the help of Merlin, we recorded the following birds:
Red-eyed and blue headed videos, chestnut sided warbler, indigo bunting, oven bird, gray catbird, song sparrow, blue Jays, Canada geese and diving ducks.
We would like thank Don Currie for another great outing and plans are in the works for some fall walks.

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