Stayner Eco Park and Minesing Flats

The fog lifted and the winds were calm allowing 11 enthusiastic birders to spot 35 species at the Clearview Eco Park
and the Minesing wetlands area.
Included in this list were…
sandhill cranes (hundreds)
tundra swans
great blue heron
wood ducks
american wigeons
northern shovellers
northern pintails
green-winged teal
ring-necked duck
lesser scaup
common goldeneyes
hooded and common mergansers
bald eagles (juvenile)
northern harrier
red-tailed hawk
rough-legged hawk
american kestrel
northern shrike

Also spotted were several active leopard frogs on the banks of the Mad River and
1 muskrat in the wetlands
The outing went into overtime but no one minded.
Thanks to Lucy for helping guide.

Photos by Cathy Bernatavicius and Bill Sherwood and Donald Macdonald and Sue Deadman

Leopard Frog
Juvenile Eagle Northern Shrike American Kestrel
Mourning Doves  Female Scaup Male Scaup
Ring-necked Ducks, among others Canada Geese
Sandhill Cranes Redhead in centre Northern Shoveler

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